ELF EV Rally to Prudhoe Bay

Alaska Electric Vehicle Association (AKEVA) is excited to partner with Launch Alaska and the Center for Transportation and the Environment for our newest project!  Our project was selected to receive grant funding by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC). Under EPIC, AKEVA will be working on creating a world-class electric vehicle event, the Electrifying the Last Frontier (ELF) event. 

The Electrifying the Last Frontier event seeks to bring together innovative startups, industry leaders, and interested stakeholders to demonstrate and showcase their cutting-edge energy and transportation technology.  For the ELF event, AKEVA will coordinate and execute a temporary fast charging corridor from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay for an electric vehicle rally through some of Alaska’s most stunning and remote terrain.  

AKEVA will deploy temporary microgrids to support the fast charging corridor, integrating energy technologies and products from companies in Launch Alaska’s accelerator program and industry leaders alike.  The event also seeks to provide a demonstration opportunity for electric vehicles and vehicle technologies from companies in Launch Alaska’s accelerator program and interested OEMs.

See you in Deadhorse.

Read announcement of the award by Senator Murkowski